2017/06/10 Start of master's thesis registration

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2017/06/06 Start of practice

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2017/05/29 Second MIEL's Welcome Party

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Protection of legal entities rights in the ECtHR

2017/05/23 MIEL's Workshop "Negotiations" (Odesa, 26-k NUOLA, 23/05.2017 at 11.00)

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Trainer – associate professor, PhD, MIEL's lecturer Darina Dvornichenko (
Event's date - 23/05.2017
Event's time start - 11:00
Event's place - Odesa, NUOLA, aud. 26-k
Goal auditorium - MIEL's student and other students, who are interested in negotiations

12 March 2017; 12:00 (off. 312) Short master class of Mr. Horlick

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We invite students and teachers to attend the short master class of  Mr. Gary Horlick.
The short master class is held within the framework of the Master's program "International and European Law" (Tempus IV Project 544117-TEMPUS-1-2013-1-HR-TEMPUS-JPCR "European and International Law Master Programme Development in Eastern Europe – InterEULawEast" (official project site)).

Mr. Horlick is one of the highest-ranked international trade lawyers in the world in the only two rankings, Euromoney/Institutional Investor and Who’s Who Legal, and is in the top tier of Chambers (which does not list individual rankings).

Mr. Horlick has worked in senior positions in the U.S. Congress (International Trade Counsel, U.S. Senate Finance Committee) and the Executive Branch (Head of Import Administration, U.S. Department of Commerce), where he was responsible for all U.S. antidumping and countervailing duty cases, Foreign Trade Zones, Special Import Programs, and the negotiation of the U.S.-EU Steel Agreement.

He has been Chairman of WTO and Mercosur panels, and has litigated in U.S. courts and administrative agencies; GATT and WTO tribunals; NAFTA Chapters 19 and 20 tribunals; and anti-dumping, countervailing duty and safeguard cases in over 20 countries. He has worked on issues involving climate change, textile quotas and monitoring, Generalized System of Preferences, non-market economy status, customs and tariff classification and valuation, export controls, CFIUS and investor-state disputes.

Mr. Horlick has served as counsel to businesses in the U.S. (IBM, Cargill, Arch Chemicals and others) and other countries (Pemex, Noranda, Barilla and others); the U.S. Government and other governments (UK, Canada, Mexico, Chile, South Africa,the European Union, Peru, Australia, New Zealand, and others); and trade associations (National Cattlemen’s and Beef Association, Federation of the German Chemical Industry, American Forest and Paper Association, and others).

He has written numerous articles and delivered speeches on international trade and investment.He has served as first Chairman of the WTO Permanent Group of Experts on Subsidies; Chairman of the International Section of the DC Bar; Vice Chairman of the Trade Committee of the International Bar Association; and is a member of the Council of Foreign Relations. He teaches international trade law at Yale, Georgetown, Columbia, Barcelona, and Berne Universities.

A.B. Dartmouth College
M.A., Diploma in International Law, Cambridge University
J.D. Yale Law School
Languages: English and Spanish

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First IEL's Welcome Party

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First IEL's  Welcome Party for IEL's students and everbody.
Date – 28.02.2017
Time – 16:00 - 18:00.
Place – IQSpace (ул. Жуковского, 9).

Happy New Year 2017 and Merry Christmas, dear IEL's students

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The final exam on the Council of Europe Law

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The final exam on the Council of Europe Law has just been successfully passed by the students of master's program "International and European Law" at National University "Odessa Law Academy".Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to the International and European Law Community from the bottom of our hearts

From professor Tatyana Antsupova.

Visit lectures under the framework of the Tempus IV Project 544117-TEMPUS-1-2013-1-HR-TEMPUS-JPCR "European and International Law Master Programme Development in Eastern Europe – InterEULawEast"

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During 6-9 December 2016, the memorable event took place under the framework of the 
Tempus IV Project 544117-TEMPUS-1-2013-1-HR-TEMPUS-JPCR "European and International Law Master Programme Development in Eastern Europe – InterEULawEast"
Professor Mykola Pashkovsky and Associate Professors Mykhaylo Katsyn, Daryna Dvornichenko have visited the Donetsk National University, where they attended meetings with the teaching staff of this University and gave lectures to students.
Professor M. Pashkovsky gave a presentation 'International Criminal Law and Ukraine', in which he revealed his ideas about the history and perspectives of the future development of the international criminal law. He also expressed his ideas, relating to the Rome Statute and its role in combating international crimes. 

Associate Professor
 M. Katsyn concentrated his lecture on the history of the European economic integration and the construction of the legal regime of the EU Internal Market. 

Associate Professor
 Darina Dvornichenko gave the first lecture devoted to the legal analysis of the Association Agreement with a specific focus on the challenges and prospects of its implementation. The second and third lectures given by D. Dvornichenko were devoted to the analysis of the current challenges for the European Diplomacy with the case studies of Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and EU's diplomatic capabilities in Cyprus Dispute Resolution, respectively.

It is worth to mention, that the atmosphere at the Donetsk National University was very productive and hospital.

IEL DonNU 20161206-09 Presentations

Study visit to the Consulate General of Romania in Odessa (22.11.2016)

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 Study visit to the Consulate General of Romania in Odessa


Students of the European and International Master Law Programme and 3rd-year students of the Faculty of Psychology, Political Science and Sociology (NU "Odessa Law Academy"), accompanied by Associate Professor of the Department of International Law and International Relations Darina Dvornichenkovisited the Consulate General of Romania in Odessa on November 22, 2016. 

During the visit, the students were introduced to the visa regime between Romania and Ukraine, visa rules and documentation procedures for obtaining a visa to Romania. Students had the opportunity to witness the daily work of the visa section of the Consulate General of Romania in Odessa, equipped in full accordance with European standards. Consul General Emil Rapcha gave a detailed overview of the diplomatic activity, as well as the experience of Romania's membership in the European Union.

Students of the NU “OLA” express their sincere gratitude to Consul General Emil Rapcha,  Consul Denisa Gabor and Consul Mikhay Konstaninescu for the opportunity to gain new experience and precious knowledge, as well as the worker of the Consulate General of Romania in Odessa Svetlana Shandru for assistance in organizing the visit and warm hospitality.

Ознакомительный визит в Генеральное консульство Румынии в Одессе


Студенты англоязычной магистратуры по европейскому и международному праву, а также студенты 3-го курса Факультета психологии, политологии и социологии  НУ «Одесская юридическая академия» в сопровождении доцента кафедры международного права и международных отношений Д.Ю. Дворниченко 22 ноября 2016 года посетили Генеральное консульство Румынии в Одессе.

Во время визита студенты познакомились с особенностями визового режима между Румынией и Украиной, визовыми правилами и процедурой оформления документов для получения визы в Румынию. Студенты получили возможность стать свидетелями ежедневной работы визового отдела Генерального консульства Румынии в Одессе, оборудованного в соответствии с европейскими стандартами.  Генеральный консул Эмиль Рапча рассказал более детально об особенностях дипломатической деятельности, а также об опыте членства Румынии в Европейском Союзе.

Студенты НУ ОЮА выражают благодарность Генеральному консулу Эмилю Рапча, консулам Денисе Габор и  Михаю Константинеску за предоставленную возможность  получить новый опыт и бесценные знания, а также сотруднику Генерального консульства Румынии в Одессе  Светлане Шандру за содействие в организации визита и радушный прием.



Ознайомчий візит до Генерального консульства Румунії в Одесі.



Студенти англомовної магістратури з європейського і міжнародного права, а також студенти 3-го курсу Факультету психології, політології та соціології НУ «Одеська юридична академія» у супроводі доцента кафедри міжнародного права та міжнародних відносин Д.Ю. Дворніченко 22 листопада 2016 року відвідали Генеральне консульство Румунії в Одесі.

Під час візиту студенти познайомилися з особливостями візового режиму між Румунією та Україною, візовими правилами і процедурою оформлення документів для отримання візи в Румунію. Студенти отримали можливість стати свідками щоденної роботи візового відділу Генерального консульства Румунії в Одесі, обладнаного відповідно до європейських стандартів. Генеральний консул Еміль Рапчя розповів більш детально про особливості дипломатичної діяльності, а також про досвід членства Румунії в Європейському Союзі.

Студенти НУ ОЮА висловлюють подяку Генеральному консулу Емілю Рапчя, консулам Денісі Габор та Міхаю Константинеску за надану можливість отримати новий досвід і безцінні знання, а також співробітнику Генерального консульства Румунії в Одесі Світлані Шандру за сприяння в організації візиту і гостинний прийом.

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