Program Description

Master program and Tempus IV Project

Master program was created thanks to the Tempus IV Project 544117-TEMPUS-1-2013-1-HR-TEMPUS-JPCR "European and International Law Master Programme Development in Eastern Europe – InterEULawEast" (official project site).

Project Background
The European Union has achieved extraordinary results in regards to its economic and legal integration. Europe has become the arena of concerted social and economic action of unprecedented proportions and dynamics. This development is all the more remarkable in the light of clashes and conflicts, and at times total disintegration of whole countries and regions, experienced by other areas of the world. In this process of European consolidation, law has played, and will continue to play a vital role.
Modern economical connections between different countries are now deepening, bringing a need to their proper legal regulation both on domestic and international levels. The relationship between the European Union and Russian Federation is one of the brightest illustrations of such connections.
Project Objectives
InterEuLawEast project aims at creation, development and implementation of the educational Master degree programme “International and European law” with unified curriculum at 9 partner universities (3 from EU member states and 6 from partner countries).
The programme that will give a possibility for preparation of highly qualified specialists with profound knowledge in International and European law with double diploma to broaden horizons of knowledge and competences application in the sphere of legal science for the regional universities of UA an RU.
The project provides activities for developing educational process, teaching methods and research work of teaching staff, students and postgraduates, collaboration between partner universities in relevant fields.
It is going to improve professional and pedagogical qualification of partner countries teachers and modernize teaching infrastructure of Partner Universities for providing advanced level of Master and PhD students' training on the joint Master degree program.

Do you want to choose the right way

Euro integration. The aim and the Horizon. The urgent need to young democracies and developed economies.  The right way to find your fortune in international law firms and European institutions, in governmental agencies and parliamentary committees. Excellent job opportunities and fundamental skills. That is InterEUlawEast Master’s programme in European and International Law.

Do you want to join the best UNI

National University “Odessa Law Academy” is proud to announce about our unique two-years English taught Master’s programme in European and International Law.

Ukraine today demands students from different kind of specialties who wish to develop their proficiency in the sphere of European and International law.  

NU “Odessa Law Academy” as a member of European University Association, European Public Law Association, Magna Charta Universitatum et al, participant of different EU programmes in the field of education and innovations is ready to provide students with the skills for future successful professional carrier in international legal environment.

Why do you have to be here

Because of the Sun and the Sea, beautiful environment of joyful Odessa. Because of NU “Odessa Law Academy” modern auditoriums and libraries, modern dormitories, legal networks, moot courts and special facilities to provide European quality in education and training. Because of the EU professors and our teaching staff including Judges of ECHR with unique European adapted programmes and practices in the fields of  EU internal market law, competition law, social law, judicial protection, human rights law . Because of obligatory guidance in major European universities and companies. Moreover, there is a real chance to obtain the Double diploma in European and International Law, to choose a special subjects and courses for individual learning. Because of competitive fees and scholarship programme.

What do you ought to do

Simply contact us to know everything on Entry requirements and English Language requirements needed for entering Master’s programme in European and International Law. We can also consult you about the fees and scholarships, application and admission process.

Compulsory courses

  • Legal families of Europe
  • EU constitutional and institutional law
  • European internal market law
  • Competition law in the EU and UA
  • Contemporary problems of international law
  • International Trade Law & EU Trade Law
  • Dispute resolution in EU & International Law
  • EU Private Law
  • Customs of EU & Ukraine
  • Consumer Law in EU & Ukraine
  • Company Law in EU & Ukraine

Elective courses:

  • European idea as a factor of European integration
  • European diplomacy
  • Protection of legal entities rights in the ECtHR
  • EU Environmental law
  • International development aid law
  • European Energy Law
  • Sсhengen Agreements Law
  • Practice of the Venice Commission
  • EU Criminal Law
  • International labor law

Master’s thesis